Wednesday, August 30, 2006

In this pair of images we see the "teeth" of the fortress. I thought it made sense to put the Nordenfeldt on top of the Keep where it could "sweep" the fron of the fortress of stormers. The gun is from the London War Room (just google "tlwr") and is a delightful bit of kit - it will have a double life, also arming my cariacature HMVS Cerberus for a 1885 "Invasion of Melbourne" scenario.

The Armstrong guns are meant to be 7" Confederate artillery. Armstrongs sold them to the Colonies and to the Egyptians as well, although in their 9" incarnations. I don't quite believe it myself, but their manufacturer completely escapes me - unless they are from the Armchair General??? Anyone have a clue? If you do, email me at, please. They are massive pieces of kit and are quite heavy.

Anyway, let me know wht you think if you take a look at these - I am getting quietly enthused about the period again just now...


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