Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Quite some time ago I became terribly interested in the beginning of the direct British involvement in Egypt stemming from the bombardment of the Forts at Alexandria and culminating in the Battle of Tel el Kebir. I began developing a scenario dealing with British troops storming a particularly troublesome Eguptian Fort. I got as far as buying the artillery (which I thought would also go nicely in defending Melbourne from the Russians in 1885) and building this fortress. It's loosely based on photos of the Egyptian forts of the time and on what I know of casemated artillery fortification. I hope you enjoy these next few images.

In the one image we see the lonely Egyptian sentry walking his round. I've included him in this picture to give some idea of the scale of the fortress. The other image gives some idea of it's layout. Looking now at the wall that encloses the compound, I would wish to make that area vey much larger so I could get some buildings into it and add some room for a brawl to take place.

Perhaps even the gun platform is a little tight, too. I'm not too sure.


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